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Study Method
Home Based Study
Our study programmers are completely home based studies means no workshop, no tutorial groups and no internships. It is the paradise of study for the girls, who are not allowed to day out, for the senior citizens who want to fill the gap of studies in their lives, for the businessmen and job holder, who want to upgrade their status but refuse studies due to lack of time and the student of any boards or universities, who left their studies due to educational systematic problems and remained failed to get a solutions. IAEOUC give them the way to rejoin the modern and acknowledged life.
IAEOUC study system is unique in its own type. It carries multi qualities of different educational system of domestic and foreign institutions. First of all its study method is Distance Learning System and our planner sketch it in Annual system/Semester system (*in some cases). Because of this student can studies through annual system/semester (*in some cases) system at his home.
The second one is short term which mean time saving of student. The institution set a study schedule and perfect time table for student which saves more and more time of student.
The fast track is next. Which means quick response, quick admission, quick and selective studies, results oriented exam preparation. According to this planned schedule student clear its class in shortest time.
Regular students are the key point of every educational institute but in IAEOUC victims of education systems are also in preference. So in this system no age limit, home based studies, test session, pre exam test and then final exam in a legal, authentic and verified way, relief student from his all educational problems. And utilizing all these facilities student remain face any problem then crew and scholars of the institutions are stood for him every time.

Updated: 26/04/2018 — 9:21 PM