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Rules and Regulations
1.   This is the fee of the institution (IAEOUC) only, which provides consultancy, only for one time of Secondary Boards/ Federal Board & HEC recognized Universities, Class of Matric (Science & Arts), Intermediate (FA / I.Com / F.Sc / I.CS ) & Bachelor (B.A, B.Sc, B.com) , Master in Arts and Master in Science Annual system / Semester system from admissions to till participation in final exam according to his/her study schedule.
2.   The consultancy fee received from student is only for the institution which is non-refundable and non-transferable. The institution never received any fee or charges in the name of Punjab University, Sargodha University, Allama Iqbal Open University / other universities, Federal board or any secondary board.
3.   After getting consultancy in the institution, the student has to strictly follow the due admission date, examination system & Exam date, jurisdiction, syllabus, teaching method, medium & subjects selection, attendance and all other rules of relevant board / university & its affiliated college or institute, which through he / she participating in Exam.
4.   Any combine course having duration between 11 month will be according to four fee system and other courses with duration between 18 months will be according to five/six fee system and by parts classes will be according to three fee system per single part.
5.   The Student has to submit two/three times more fee and 2 more fee for 18 months duration class; same amount as pay in 1st term and accepted by IAEOUC must, for relevant class according to his/her study schedule. If student would not submit his/her any due next fee then his/her admission will be canceled. No fee will be refund and his/her consultancy will be stop & in that case IAEOUC will no further contact and concern with the student.
6.   The student is strictly instructed to submit his/her 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th term or any other charges/term fee in IAEOUC official bank account through “IAEOUC bank challan” only in bank and after submitted his/her fee in bank, keep save “Student Copy” in his/her custody. Otherwise the institutions will not responsible for his/her education or financial loss.
7.   During completing all due fees according to study schedule, student will got the facilities one by one of free books, free guide line, test session and free pre exam tests; His registration fee and exam fee of relevant board/university or institution will be deposited by institution.
8.   The student will get initial books / notes / study material within 8 working days of admission. If student want to get study material earlier he/she has to submit 2nd, 3rd or 4th term fees or any other fee or charges (if needed) must before its due date according to his/her study schedule.
9.   The institution can send study material in any shape like books, notes etc. The student will not raise any objection on it.
10.   The student has to appear in pre exam test and test session of the institution must and his/her all dues will be clear must too. Otherwise his/her final exam can be delay or maybe admission will cancel.
11.   The student is not refraining from consulting any other study material / sources besides study material or guide line providing from institution. The institution is not responsible for the result of student.
12.   SMS / Phone / Mobile calls or messages or e-mails will not be acceptable from student after admission, only written application will be count in any educational matter. Otherwise students will responsible for his/her study & educational loss.
13.   If student change his/her address/ phone number again and again or provide two addresses or his/her relevant person’s phone number or only provide phone number or incomplete, incorrect address or cell/land line no or which is not in student use then he/she will be completely responsible for his/her studies and exam loss. He has to continuously keep in touch with the institution for every up date.
14.   The Student has to provide his/her NOC / equivalence letter of relevant board/university before exam registration or admission date otherwise institution is not responsible for his/her problem (if needed).
15.   If student could not participating in final exam in desired board or university according to his/her study schedule for his/her own fault, negligence of post system or technical reason or any other reason, then the student first fulfill all necessary condition, rule & regulation must of relevant board/university and then wait for the next final exam date, in that case the institution is not responsible for his/her wastage of time & etc educational or personal matter.
16.   The institution has right to choose board and university on his/her behalf according to his/her educational period, domestic / business affairs, residential place, study schedule and relevant board/university rules. Which has to be accepted by student as well, if student does not accept the decision of the institution and create problems for it and demand for refunding consultancy fee then he/she has to face legal action and matter will be handle in Lahore courts only and all expenses will be paid by student to institution.
17.   The institution has right to change medium or subject or duration and exam method on student’s behalf. And students have to obey the decision. No excuses will be accepted.
18.   The institution is responsible for sending the exam admission to relevant board/university, but all conditions of the board/university will be fulfilled by student must. If the institution fails to provide proper consultancy of the board/university then the institution will refund his total fee in installment. But if student fail to fulfill board/university condition then fee will not refund.
19.   Once student Final Exam Roll no slip issued then IAEOUC’s liabilities and consultancy will come off. If student didn’t participating in final exam for his /her any reason or leave his/her study in-complete then only student will responsible for his/her study and educational loss. No fee will be refund and consultancy will be stop & in that case IAEOUC will no further contact and concern with the student.
20.   The main object of IAEOUC is to promote the educational institutions of Government of Pakistan. And IAEOUC is not authorized for awarding degree or certificate and disclaim of awarding any educational degree or certificate or equal to it, only government of Pakistan has authority to award degree. But the board / University which consultancy student gets will be recognized by Government of Pakistan and has authorized to award educational degree or certificate.
21.   For practical or science subjects or any technical subjects, if the institute will refer the student in any HEC recognized affiliated institute. Then the student has to follow all rules and regulations of that institution must. The student will attend classes and make sure his attendance and that institution will responsible for his/her final exam and study. IAEOUC liabilities will come off after referring.
22.   Any exam of relevant class part wise (part 1 & part 2) or semester system (expect metric, FA, I.com) will only held in Lahore must. This is the last and final decision relevant class part 1 exam will held only in Lahore. The student will arrange his accommodation in Lahore himself / herself. This institution has no concern with it.
23.   The exam of relevant class (combine) will be held in any capital city of Pakistan and bachelor’s to Masters program in any capital city of Punjab province. But in case of any technical or any other problem, the institution has right to arrange these exam in Lahore. In that case student will not raise any objection on this decision. This is last and final decision of the institution. The student will arrange his/her accommodation in Lahore or another city himself / herself. This institution has no concern with it.
24.   The institution has right to cancel the admission of student for his/her relevant person’s insulting behaviour, abusing or misbehave and consultancy fee will not refund.
25.   The institution has only concerned with student any third person is not allowed to contact.
26.   The Foregin Student will appear in final exam in capital city of Punjab/Lahore in Pakistan must.If student want to appear in exam in his/her residential place in foreign that must be exist in territory of relevant board/University in this case he/she will submit exam fee & other charges from his/her own pocket besides IAEOUC’s fee. Also note that given fee schedule is not applicable on foreign student their fee schedule is different.
27.   If student contact to any other institution besides office, and that institution or its crew member misguides our student and student misbehave with office administration then that institution and student will sue and expenses will be bear by student.
28.   The student or his/her relevant person accused administration for getting any wrong benefit he/she will have to face legal action.
29.   The student follows the all rules & regulation written in admission form, student study schedule and institution will deal him/her according to them. All oral/verbal description is not acceptable. If student assume anything else or insist that any verbal conversation, it will be wrong and malicious.

30.   If any guardian got admission on behalf of student, he/she will be completely liable for all students’ affair. His signature will be considered and treated as student itself.
31.   The student has to provide only photocopies of his/her documents and eight fresh pictures. Genuine documents should be saved by his/her own.