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Rules and Regulations
1.   The admission fee is only for IAEOU Consultancy Center which is registered institution, for the desired classes of student according to annual system in the secondary board / federal board or university consultancy from admission till final exam in relevant board / university only one time. This is non-refundable and non-transferable.
2.   The student has to pay 3 fees time to time according to their class and schedule. The institution will select board / university for student according to their ability and time duration.
3.   Any combine course having duration of 11 month will be according to three fee system and other courses with duration till 18 months and by parts exams will be according to four fee system.
4.   After getting consultancy in the institution, the student has to follow the due admission date, examination system, jurisdiction, syllabus, teaching method and all other rules of relevant university or board.
5.   During completing three fees student will got the facilities one by one of free books, Free guide line, weekly classes, Test session and free pre exam test; His registration fee and exam fee of relevant board / University will be deposited by institution.
6.   The student will get initial books / notes / study material within 8 days of admission. If student want to get study material earlier he has to submit 2nd and 3rd term fees must before its due date according to schedule.
7.   The institution can send study material in any shape like books, notes etc. the student will not raise any objection on it.
8.   SMS / Phone / Mobile calls or messages or e-mails will not be acceptable from student, only written application will be count.
9.   The consultancy fee received from student is only for the institution which is non-refundable and non-transferable. The institution never received any fee or charges in the name of Punjab University, Sargodha University, Allama Iqbal Open University / other universities, Federal board or any secondary board.
10.   If student could not get admission in desired university or board till due date for his own fault, negligence of post system or technical reason or any other reason, then he have to wait for the next admission date and the institution is not responsible for his wastage of time.
11.   The main object of IAEOUC is to promote the education. Institution has right to choose board / university on student’s behalf according to his educational period, domestic / business affairs,residential place and relevant board / university, which has to be accepted by student as well.
12.   The Student has to provide his NOC / Equivalence letter of relevant university before exam registration otherwise institution is not responsible for his problem (if needed).
13.   The institution only provides the consultancy of all education and disclaim of awarding any educational degree or certificate. But the board / University which consultancy student gets will be recognized by Government of Pakistan and has authorized to award educational degree or certificate.
14.   If student doesn’t pay his due fee then his time period of relevant class will be extend and his consultancy will be stop and in case of avoiding two fees his admission will be canceled and consultancy fee will be not refund.
15.   The student is strictly instructed to receive 2nd and 3rd term fee receipt from institution after submitting his fee and keep it save in his custody.
16.   If student change his address / phone no again and again or provide two addresses or his relevant person’s phone number or only provide phone no then he will be completely responsible for his studies and exam. He has to continuously keep in touch with the institution for every up date.
17.   The candidate who has offered science subjects should submit practical certificate of his/her undergone the practical training in a Laboratory recognized by the university or boards then it relevant institute. The practical certificate produced by the candidate will be got verified form the institution conceded. If found bogus the admission / result shall be quashed.
18.   The institution is responsible for sending the exam admission to his relevant boards or university. but all conditions of the board / university will be fulfilled by student must.
19.   The student is not refraining from consulting any other study material / sources besides study material or guide line providing from institution. The institution is not responsible for the result of student.
20.   The institution has only concerned with student any third person is not allowed to contact.
21.   The foreign student will appear in final exams only in Pakistan must according to territory of relevant board / university and strictly follow his / her study schedule.
22.   The student is bound follow the rules and regulations, jurisdiction, exam system, syllabus and all others rules of the board / university which will selected by IAEOUC for student’s final exam.
23.   The student has to provide only non-attested photocopies of his documents and 8 fresh pictures.
24.   The student will be strictly followed the rules and regulations of admission form, receipt, schedule, helping form and relevant board / university.