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International All Education Open Universite
Consultancy Center™
Introduction (IAEOUC):
International All Education Open Universite Consultancy Center™ (IAEOUC). is Registered as Educational Consultant in IPO, Registration Number: RTM 394211.
IAEOUC is a solid shape of a revolutionary thought of creativity, which main object is to educate the world under one flag, through its unique, modest and planned way. The exceptional thought of a Allah gifted mind,collect extra ordinary minds and hard-work of years then he succeeded to create this institution and which is serving the nation form last thirty years in educational and technical field.
This institution gradually taking more than its real shape step by step as time passing. “This is a registered institution who is disclaimer to awarding any educational degree or certificate” -or equal to it”
As all previous and present Pakistani Governments always tried their best to educate people. It is our responsibility that one should contribute in these efforts as his duty.
IAEOUC’s main object and purpose is to promote Government educational institutions and plannings. IAEOUC works as a consultant and thousands of students round a globe earned a lot of benefits from admission till final exam legally through its Distance Learning System. They are enjoying with attractive job with handsome salaries and individual business. after getting formal and technical education not only in Pakistan but worldwide too. The boundary line of IAEOUC is Government institutions that’s why it’s all educational programmed are HEC verified which help student to plan his future safely.
The target of IAEOUC is to educate the whole Pakistani nation that’s why it pampered Pakistani students in whole world. The Pakistani students in developed countries like, England, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Canada, Australia and many more. The institute facilitating the whole world’s student according to its motto.
“Education at doorstep”
Why ” International” and “All Education”
The name of institution justified its facilities itself it is “International” not only for that it facilitate foreign students but its status and research is of international level. For its establishment long distance traveled for research on real institution of distance learning and suggestions of legend scholars collected to sketch its system and “All Education” itself shows that education from initial level till Higher Education Could make possible through it. There is no age, gender, language, provincial or boundary limit. We don’t categorized students on any basis. It just a education which is birth right of human. That’s why its name is not justification of its work but its facilities and object.
“It’s Different”
Any new project or thing which presented to the mass is different, because it is new for them, our institution is not new because thousands of students facilitate by it in last thirty year, but it is different and maybe remain new for next half century for the people who don’t have any concern with it, but its student are well awarded of its services. Its quality assurance of success and sophisticated service facilitate them until they got desired success.