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Exam Preparation System
The exam preparation system of IAEOUC is unique and quite different from other institutions. It divided its preparation in three ways.
i. Test Sessions     ii. Pre-Exam Tests     iii. Final Exam
1. Test Sessions
IAEOUC has proud to introduce the first time in the world “Test Session of Distance Learning System”. No institution in whole world can claim for this term but IAEOUC. We verified that if any student properly attempt our four test sessions he will definitely succeed with high marks.
The test session is the result of untried hard work and research of our scholar; subject and question division of these tests is mind blasting, which make student’s goal so easy. If student properly attempt these questions then A+ is also possible and even he just revise these question then at least all important question come in his view and he got at least passing mark but attempt and revision is the must condition.
These test themselves told student on which level of studies he stood. You can say it self-examine test too. This test session work like a magic in student life because it provide a way and guidance of success which is must for a bright future.
2. Pre-Exam Test
Now the question is that a student can clear the exam through test session, then why the need of pre exam tests? Test session is a revision and self examine method of study, but pre-exam test is a method to appear in the exam. This is exam appearing preparation. Means what will the type of paper what is the paper pattern? How should be attempt the paper? What will be the type of questions? What should be its length? How should divide the time? What will be marks division? All these things should be in mind of student before exam. So that he couldn’t confuse to see the paper. Pre-Exam test is miracle of studies by IAEOUC. It prepare student for exam process before exam. So, that his intelligence and talent doesn’t effect from exam pressure.
3. Final Exam
The Final exam of (Matric to Intermediate) class will be held in any capital city of Pakistan and bachelor’s to Masters Program in any capital city of Punjab province only and By parts class exam held in Lahore Only. But in case of any technical or any other problem, the institution has right to arrange these exam in Lahore. In that case student will not raise any objection on this decision. This is last and final decision of the institution. The student will arrange his/her accommodation in Lahore or another city himself / herself. This institution has no concern with it.