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Departments of IAEOUC
1.   Admission Department:
Admissions at IAEOUC in consultancy for classes, 9, 10 (Science /Arts), Intermediate, I.Com, graduation (B.A / B.Sc), B.Com Masters, M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed remain opened throughout the year time to time according groups and universities. After getting the prospectus of IAEOUC, the student can apply for the admission within 3 days, other wise the form will be invalid.
2.   Liaison Department:
This department is always searching for educationalists, experienced teachers and scholars and subject specialists to get their professional services. Our search includes not only our cities and provinces but abroad also.
3.   Research Department:
The research department of IAEOUC consists of many scholars, teachers, subject specialists who collect authentic, most modern and comprehensive material to produce an internationally standardized syllabus. For this purpose they consult a vast and profuse library of IAEOUC.
4.   Publication Department:
Research scholars of IAEOUC after a deep study and research write books on English, Urdu, Math, Islamic Studies, Pakistan studies, Science, Civics, Economics, Commerce and many other subjects. Then the manuscripts of these books are handed over to publication Department to publish and market them.
5.   Public Relation Department (PRD):
The PRD (Public Relation Department) of IAEOUC creates, establishes and maintains relations with concerned personnel and private or government departments with patriotic feelings and passions so that students’ problems and all of their educational matters could be solved in a better way without wasting their time.
6.   Dispatch Department:
As the student is enrolled and registered after the admission process at IAEOUC, the admission department sends concerned data to Despatch Department of IAEOUC, and this department without any delay despatches the concerned, prescribed additional helping study material to the student according to his concerned class. Student himself or his concerned relatives can also purchase the study material is sent by post and office courier. Besides, the study material is sent by post after the specific amount is received by Money Order.
7.   Legal Advisory Council (LAC):
This department consists of a board of expert lawyers who deal all the legal matters of IAEOUC from civil court to High Court. The affairs that are considered controversial or an irresponsible student violates the rules and regulations of any department of of IAEOUC or tries to damage the status of the institution or tries to defame, such matters are transferred to the Legal Advisory Council (LAC), so that such elements should be tackled with iron hands.
8.   Complaint Cell:
This department of IAEOUC tries to resolve any complaints on merit basis impartially, however, only such applications are prosecuted that are submitted by the student himself / herself on his own behalf. this facility is available on our website through internet too.
9.   Student welfare Department (SWD):
All the deserving students who are hardworking and intelligent and want to continue their education while producing good results, are provided with educational facilities according to the situation or as the case demands. Only the student welfare Department (SWD) has the right and authority to select the deserving student.
10.   Vocational & Technical Department (VTD):
IAEOUC is an independent educational institution and provides vocational and technical skills and education to the students wherever they are in Pakistan through the DLS.
For this purpose our technical experts and engineers are always busy in research to produce educational material at international level.
11.   Accounts Departments:
This department maintains all the accounts like admission fee, semester fee, Pre-exam Test Fee, amounts of sales department, welfare transactions, and financial matters of staff etc. The Admission Fee is Non-Transferable and Non-returnable.
12.   Prize Distribution Department:
IAEOUC pays special respect to intelligent, hardworking, responsible and courteous students and so awards medals, shields, cups honorary certificates and many other prizes to such students to encourage and facilitate them. The department also provides support and co-operation to the parents of deserving female student so that they could decide better for the marriage of their daughter.
13.   Tele-Communication Department:
A student while getting information for admission or after admission at IAEOUC is expected to be courteous and show respect to any staff-member of the institution and not to be vulgar or immortal. It is informed that any miscall or SMS is not considered and hence responded. So the students are required to tell their name, city / village province and class.

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