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Degree / Certificate Valuation
It is Government’s authority to take examination and award degree or educational certificate after passing. That the institution proudly stated that the student of IAEOUC achieved the degree after passing exam is authentic, verified and valid in all institutions of Pakistan and foreign equally and verified by government of Pakistan and its institution HEC, Which is unchallenged and approved.
IAEOUC is a registered and tax paid institution, which facilitates his students with study guide line, easy exam preparation system, and study schedule with easy notes prepared from examination point of view. The institution make this procedure and success easy for student legal and authentic way. The student’s liabilities is only hard work and follow his study schedule and attempt his papers properly, the sure success is guaranteed from the institution. Because the boundary line is Government institution so the degree or educational certificate is legal, authentic, Verified and 100% and again 100% valid
The degree / education certificate the student will get is authentic and verified as government assets as currency, promotes, tenders, orders etc. As these government assets are authentic, valid and unchallenged as this degree, educational certificate will be.
After passing exam and got this degree / certificate, student can apply for further studies not only all educational institutes of Pakistan but foreign too, he can apply for job in all government institutions, private institutes, multinational companies, banks, army, police and everywhere. He can apply for foreign too.
If student apply through legal way and on merit he will achieve his goal definitely, his educational degree / certificate will support him and remove hurdles from his way of development.